Falsification des élections au États-Unis ?

Hi, I’m Catherine Engelbrecht. In 2009, I founded an election integrity organization called True the Vote. Our mission was simple: to recruit and train poll workers to work in elections. So we went to work, and we saw problems. We discovered bad data in voter rolls, non-citizens being registered, false identities being used, and voters being intimidated. It wasn’t everywhere, thank goodness. In fact, most volunteers had great experiences when working at the polls. But about 20% of our group witnessed fraud. And that set us off on a journey we could have never imagined.
We started asking questions, doing voter roll research, and submitting our findings to local election officials. We started making waves. And it was then that the Obama Administration marked us for takedown. Over the next two years, I personally went through 23 different audits, investigations, or inquiries from five different federal agencies, including the FBI, DOJ, BATF, OSHA, and the IRS. It was a nightmare that ended only when I stood up, spoke out, and sued the IRS.
Ten years later, I’m here to tell you, the swamp can be beaten, but we have to work together.
They feed on our fear. They rely on our silence. They do not believe we will stand up. And if we do not stand up, they will not stop, and we will lose our country.
So we have to get organized. Now.
We filmed this video to explain the gravity of the forces at play in this election. It’s heavy stuff, but it has to be discussed. We must engage, and that means more than just voting. Please watch.
Stop Socialized Medicine
You already know this is not a « normal » election season. There is nothing « normal » about what our country has been put through in the past 8 months.
It’s engineered chaos.
We are fighting against revolutionary Marxists who want to burn our country down; we are fighting against globalist billionaires like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates, purveyors of sickness, social spying, and systemic subversion; we are fighting against foreign countries and international terrorists — all converging here, now. On your watch. And mine.
The point of this email is to serve as a wake up call — from one citizen to another. This isn’t about a candidate or a party; it is about stopping Marxists from clear cutting our Constitutional Republic to make way for Communism. We can stop them using the synergy around the election, but there is no time to waste.
True the Vote is building a citizen army of election volunteers. We need people who are willing to work, and we need financial resources to continue to scale. If you can help us financially, please do. Most importantly, please join with us. We’re all in this together — and working together, we win.
Catherine Engelbrecht
True the Vote, Founder

Source : Soros – Zuckerberg 2020

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