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Too Evil To Fail Part 2: Ft « Where Did The Towers Go » by Dr Judy Wood; Proof of Directed Free-Energy Technology used on 9-11 & American Psy-Opera Parts 1-8 by Ace Baker. Intro: Who, What, Where, When & Why? Chief Justice of Nuremberg 2 has been a 9/11 investigator since he became CEO of on the day of 9/11/2001; within 1 minute of the first object appearing to hit the WTC. Since then, he has investigated each of the points below and has posted his contentions across the internet for the last 12+ years. During this time he became an official investigator for in 2010; promoted Dr Judy Wood’s book in 2011; and was a Ron Paul volunteer from 2008-2012.

When the WTC were planned to be built, there were 7 lawsuits to prevent their construction; unless the lawyers for the WTC could present a « method to bring them down without damaging nearby buildings ». Jumping to the end, without being questioned; 9-11 commissioner Bob Kerrey stated « It’s a 30 year conspiracy ». The buildings were eventually built to include their destruction involving Insurance fraud, crimes and cover-ups, targeted assassinations and self-inflicted wounds using highly classified technology as the pretense for inventing Al-Quaida (meaning the toilet) « Terrorists » in order to Invade the middle east to « steal the oil », « run the dope » and « seize the Lithium »; and finally to stop the future of electric cars and the free-energy conspiracy, forever! For example, the price of Lithium before 9/11 was $200 per ton; exploded to $20,000 per ton in 2020. The price of Tellurium for solar panels jumped from $15 per pound before 9/11; to Dupont raising the price to over $200 per pound in 2002. However, it didn’t work… September 11th 2001 was entirely un-necessary. Because, despite the first Roadster being crap; the new Tesla FLEXES MUSTLE to the World & Covid Hoaxers by Chief Justice (

« Wake Up, This is your Alarm » by Charlie Pound:

The « Official Story » is Sometimes the Truth:

In some cases, the original, official story is the correct one. For example, on 9/11, there were at least 6 War Games preplanned by the U.S. Military & FEMA; with the help of Able Danger, Global Guardian, Russian AWACS in Canada & Israeli Spies using a private chat and ran the NY police helicopters that were officially « dropping a Tether » ABC News … to the top of the WTC at the exact time of collapse. In a congressional hearing between Cynthia McKinney and Rumsfeld & Meyers, she revealed the SECRET U.N. PLAN (( «  » Pardon my indulgence; was September 11th 2001 a UN Special Security Event Day; that was pre-scheduled for 9/11/2001 because of events planned at the United Nations that day? «  » )) On the day of 9/11, Peter Jennings and George Stephanopoulos correctly answered the question that « everyone » was asking: « Where did all the rubble go« ? Answer: « IT VAPORIZED! » Complete Timeline from  Aftermath of the September 11 attacks – Wikipedia & Wikipedia Timeline. Donald Rumsfeld and (hot under the collar) Myers Asked About Directed Energy Weapons (2003) A Quote from Nikola Tesla: The Art of Telautomatics (Foretelling Use of Directed Energy Weapons in a letter to the League of Nations) stating « We must move to wireless power and flying machines as soon as possible; to avoid this inevitable catastrophe »

The Most Compelling 9/11 Conspiracy Theories | NewsOne

Or, Do You Believe This Guy? Bush & Cheney interviewed by the 9/11 Commission; not under oath and not recorded: #Bullshit #Artists

Where Did The Towers Go? They Vaporized!

Prelude to 9/11/21 Episode 0, IRREFUTABLE: Free-Energy Tech used on 9/11 ft Nikola Tesla & Judy Wood

9/11 An American PsyOpera Playlist by 9/11 truth movement (no-planes) investigator Ace Baker (who faked his death in a radio interview)  9/11 – The Great American Psy Opera – Documentary 2012 (Ace Baker) – YouTube « I Deny » your sacred, holy, hurried footage song and video produced by – Ace Baker « Your Psychological Operation » – Ace Baker

Dr Judy Wood Dr Judy Would by Ace Baker & Governor Jesse Ventura featuring « Where did all the rubble go » by Peter Jennings & George Stephanopoulos on 9/12/2001. Field Interference — Dr Judy Wood « Irrefutable »

Predictive Programming in Movies, Cartoons, Video Games & Music + X-Files Lone Gunman:

15 Signs That Predicted The 9/11 Attacks Before It Actually Happened (

Also see Iluminati Card Deck cards: « Illuminati Card: « Tape Runs Out… » An Interpretation, page 1 (« , as the coordinated MSM edits live video and cuts-to-live feeds; « 18 1/2 minute gap » the time between the 1st Strike and 2nd Strike & « Terrorist Nuke » with the disinformation or mis-information of the term « Nuke ».

The « genius » plan by a man in a cave with a CB radio: Fake Picture of Osama Bin Laden’s Death

« Show us the Evidence against Osama Bin Laden; and we’ll turn him over to the U.S.; without evidence; No! » – Taliban

All pictures of Osama Bin laden look like 4 different people  Pentagon release possible fake Bin Laden home video | The Economic Voice

Terrorists with Box Cutters? Can they fly 757’s?

9/11 War Games & Able Danger ft John O’Neill:

Why and Who deleted 10TB of data on Able Danger?

Able Danger? Vigilant Warrior? Phantoms & False Blips on Radar?

Anthony Shaffer: « 21st Century Terrorist Threats » – YouTube

Evidence for the No-Planes Theory: Remote Control? Drones? DU Shell?

9/11 Planes – Impossible Physics  9/11 Planes – Impossible Physics – video Dailymotion. The missing planes at the WTC? The missing plane at the Pentagon? The missing plane in Shankesville?? In Information War it would be categorized as a Psychological Operation.

Can aluminum planes penetrate structural steel without breaking, crumpling or slowing down?

What about the video’s and witnesses of « planes »?

All the alleged witnesses described different planes, some saw no-plane, and some described just an explosion; as seen in all 4 of the original live impact videos. | The Central Role of the News Media on 9/11

No one died on 9/11? Except 3?

What happened to « The Man That Knew » – PBS; former fired FBI Director John O’Neil; directing Able Danger against Osama Bin Laden; who also died in the WTC towers that day.  Michael Jackson was scheduled to be Moonwalking on the roof with his « entourage » on September 11th 2001 after completing his September 10th 2001 concert at Madison Square Garden; as he completed the song « You Rock My World » 2) John O’Neill, FBI agent tracking « Operation Able Danger,  who was ousted from the FBI to become head of security for the WTC on  9/11/2001; he was never found.  3) The « structural engineer », who built the WTC and was Donald Trump’s personal engineer  supposedly died in the building on 9/11/2001. Frank De Martini stated « The Twin Towers were designed to survive jet impacts » Otherwise, without autopsies, pictured proof of dead bodies, no one died on 9/11

No one ientering or exiting any buildings. No one injured. All people in this scene survived. There is no deaths from 9/11/2001 in the U.S. Social Security Death Index.

No one in the WTC floors 40-Restaurant due to Bill Clinton’s Asbestos Ban of 1996

Giuliani Lies about Asbestos exposure – YouTube

Giuliani Lies About WTC 7 – YouTube

WTC windows were bulletproof; fake people or dummies or witnesses thrown from the building? No one would « jump » from just a smokey building into certain-death!

Security guard Hermina Jones said officials had recently taken steps to secure the towers against aerial attacks by installing bulletproof windows and fireproof doors in the 22nd-floor computer command center. “When the fire started, the room was sealed,” said Jones, who was in the command center when explosions rocked the building.  Security Guard: Bomb Sniffing Dogs Were Removed Day Before 9/11 (

The B-Thing & Gelatin in WTC Tower before 9/11 ft windows being removed

The B thing was a project wherein the artists removed the glass from one of the windows and constructed a crude balcony outside the building.  Balcony Scene (Or Unseen) Atop the World; Episode at Trade Center Assumes Mythic Qualities – The New York Times (

WTC paper doesn’t burn:

Local Hospital Triage’s Empty?

What about the Jumpers? Is the picture below a real person or Photoshopped in later?

No pictures or video’s exist of any « jumpers » hitting the ground or on the ground. Only 1) Composite Imagery, Dummies & Photoshop used to make you think the WTC had 30,000 people in it on 9/11 2) « Jumpers » were « witnesses » that were thrown off the building. TBD.

Smoke Machines & Dummies? Would they jump from 1300 feet because of smoke?

Would they jump from 1300 feet because of smoke?

Would this lady jump to certain death, with no fire and no smoke? Assuming she is real!

What happened to the hijacked planes? Operation Northwoods!

Operation Northwoods – Wikipedia

What about the box cutters and phone calls? You only have 1 witness in each case!

Ted Olson’s Report of « Box Cutters » on Phone Calls from Barbara Olson on 9/11: FBI « The Calls Never Happened« . These airplanes were either not equipped with seat-back phones or the technology was not available to make calls at 300-500+ MPH without disconnecting every 45 seconds as a plane quickly passes each tower.

September 24th 2021 CNN reports box cutters or similar tools were ONLY found « on other successful flights« . – Box cutters found on other September 11 flights – September 24, 2001

January 28th 2004 Passengers calling from cell phones noted the use of box cutters on only one flight, the report said  9/11 Hijackers Used Mace And Knives, Panel Reports – The Washington Post

Rudy Giuliani claims there were people on the 104th floor, that walked down « locked stairwells » « evacuation problems » to reach the bottom floor in just 18 1/2 minutes?  WORLD TRADE CENTER LOCKED STAIRWELLS/EVACUATION PROBLEMS, ACCUMULATING COMMENTS ON… (

Technology used on 9/11: Zeus

Tritium, Trident, Thor:

Tritium found on 9/11; Tritium is only manufactured in the Ionosphere, on the ground as Lightning Strikes and inside Nuclear Power Plants

Tritium – Wikipedia

Nikola Tesla’s Electric Arc Aircraft

Tesla’s « Electric Arc Aircraft » 1916 from « Ingenious Plans for National Defense » — — Tesla’s « Death/Peace Ray » « Teleforce » — Ingenious Plans for National Defense — Field Interference

Nikola Tesla’s article on destroying skyscrapers + earthquake machine

Nikola Tesla’s earthquake machine, vibration, natural frequencies and building demolition, page 1 (

Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake machine…. – Nikola Tesla Croatia | Facebook

Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine (

Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake machine is a 9 Volt air-spring « reciprocating engine » aka Internal Combustion Engine/Jack Hammer. At resonant frequency, the steel would disassemble, not dustify like on 9/11, but all the connections would fail.  Nikola Tesla’s Reciprocating Engine is the basis of ALL Internal Combustion Engines, 1894. In that one patent, he properly describes the air or spring, timing, piston, exhaust, the potential energy in the rigidity of a spring, the floating piston, fuel energy potential, RF from the spark plug, {the spark plug and starter also invented by Tesla in « Electrical Igniter for Gas Engines » 1898, and also patented the tin wrapper on the spark plug wires to block the RF and also used as an electrical conductor for underwater power cables, also know as Telegeodynamics… aka Earthquake Machine

Superman Cartoon pre-programming in 1942 Superman vs Mad Scientist & Electric Earthquake

Pyrotechnics from Hydrazine (Napalm) & Gas Leak on 9/11:

At 8.46 a.m. on September 11, 2001, at the intersection of Church and Lispenard Streets in Manhattan, one of two French film-making brothers, 28-year-old Jules Naudet was filming a group of firemen from Ladder 1/Engine 7 at 100 Duane Street, checking for an alleged suspected gas leak, when he captured what was thought to be unique film of American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston   Naudet Video of North Tower Impact: Jules Naudet’s 9/11 Film was Staged (

WTC 1 & The Helicopters:

Tesla’s « Electric Arc Aircraft » 1916 from « Ingenious Plans for National Defense » — — Tesla’s « Death/Peace Ray » « Teleforce » — Ingenious Plans for National Defense

Video shows September 11th terror attacks – YouTube

Live Video Clip1 Clip2 of Red Chopper 5 Dropping a Tether to the Top of the WTC)

WTC 2 & The E4B’s:

New Details About The 9/11 Mystery Plane (

Where was GHWB Sr on 9/11? 

George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. was not with his wife in Minnesota when his plane landed. He was missing! Was he on the E4B that was encircling the WTC as smoke rose from the towers?  Complete 911 Timeline: Bush’s Actions on 9/11 (

GHWB Jr. in children’s classroom repeating « My Pet Goat » Plane, Must, Steel, Hit…

Building 7 & The Solomon Brothers + Larry Silverstein « Pull It »:

Giuliani & Clinton « were told » « the WTC buildings were going to collapse » before they exited WTC 7. During the attack, Giuliani may have been near the WTC towers. Interviews with Barry Jennings, a 9/11 survivor of the tower 7 crash, reveal that Giuliani may have been in tower 7 on the day of the attacks, but exited the building hours before collapse. Additionally, in an interview with ABC News on the day of the attacks, Giuliani indicated that he was « at the scene » saying: « We went down to the scene and we set up headquarters at 75 Barclay Street which was right there with the police commissioner [and] the fire commissioner and the head of emergency management. And we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was gonna collapse, and it did collapse before we could actually get out of the building so we were trapped in the building for 10-15 minutes and finally found an exit, got out, walked North, took a lot of people with us. »  Rudy Giuliani during the September 11 attacks – Wikipedia

Talk:Collapse of the World Trade Center/Archive 1 – Wikipedia

‘Pull the Building!’ Proof That 9/11 Was a Conspiracy – Feedback – The Austin Chronicle

Disappearing Lehman Brothers & Enron Papers:

The Lehman Brothers & Enron Investigation papers were in Building 7 (The Solomon Brothers Building) when Building 7 disappeared  A Review of 7 World Trade Center (WTC7) Facts and How It Connects to GameStop : GME (

What happened at The Pentagon?

A 757, at 480MPH, doing a 360, while diving 10K feet & doesn’t scratch the grass?

9/11 – The Pentagon Strike – American Airlines Flight 77 – YouTube

The missing plane ft CNN? Drone Missile?

9/11 CNN Pentagon Report – NO PLANE – Only Aired Once Video (Author: Alexia Brue) (

9/11 Pentagon Photos Released By FBI – YouTube – Transcripts

The « Original » Security Camera footage was dated 9/12/01

Security video of plane hitting Pentagon released, adds, S’bite from Judicial Watch – YouTube

Camera’s and defense systems failing; all simultaneously

The 9/11 Tale of the Pentagon’s Disabled Security Cameras | Winter Watch

Donald Rumsfeld’s Missing $2.3T. Coincidentally; the Pentagon « Plane » hit the side of the building that contained the Accounting Department for the missing $2.3T.

The burning trash cans; smoke machine

9/11 Pentagon Damage Immediate Aftermath High-Resolution Photos | Public Intelligence

Other « Phenomena » on 9/11:

Holographic Projectors & PRICK?

January 1st 2021 Predicted Here: Project Blue-Beam In-Full-Effect. — Rise of the Jedi Podcast Part 2 – Star Wars R2D2’s Hologram Projector  & Obi-Wan’s Acoustic Holograms featuring MJ Air, the Grand  Illusion, Slave to the Rhythm, John Lear’s Grand Deception, Projected  Kinetics, TWTA (tweet-a) Holographic Klystron and fighting Phantom’s  blips on Radar on September 11th 2001 Sep 16, 2015 Project Blue Beam & Project Blue Book by Tesla Leaks: — Project Invisibility by Tesla Leaks:

Tesla Death Ray aka Teleforce & HAARP?

The weapons described by Nikola Tesla are officially called Tesla’s « Teleforce » aka Peace Ray or Death Ray. Bush, Clinton, Trump, Tesla FBI Files & Teleforce (

Nikola Tesla Death Ray, Projected Kinetics, HAARP, Arc Aircraft, Cosmic Motor 9/11 HOLOGRAM KLYSTRON – YouTube

Toasted Cars in Live Video & Melted Engines? via Electric Charge accumulating in the battery of the cars, discharging through the spark-gap in the spark plugs, until the heat in the gap melts the engine.

On 9/11 HAARP was in operation and was capable of injecting up to 50 Billion Watts of energy electricity into the Ionsphere;  thousands of miles away; creating a Field Interference situation at the  WTC and directed to the 180 foot WTC antenna receiver, (as the antenna  disappeared and was never recovered), « Hurricane Erin » by Dr Judy Wood by Nikola Tesla’s methods of « Extracting Energy from Storms » events otherwise known as « Ground Zero » events; and « Zero Point Energy » used to Vaporize the World Trade Centers in under 15 seconds at « Terminal Velocity » speed, (before even hitting the ground)

Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, 1995 – Nick Begich

HAARP and its role in the False Flag Operation of September 11, 2001 with Independent Scientist Leuren Moret – VII |

Dozens of workers were on the roof of the WTC 2 days before 9/11

The Disinformation Operation:

The Stand-Down Orders?

It was reported by the F18 pilots that were tasked with intercepting the « planes »; that they were un-armed and willing to « ram the 757’s » with their jets.  Norman Mineta – 911myths

Norman Mineta was the founder of the Directed Energy Professional Society of New York  9/11 Directed Energy Weapon / TV-Fakery Suppression Timeline – Check The Evidence

Other Fakery:

The Harley Guy, and actor for Fox News; and his FBI Handler giving the « Official Story »! « It looked like a movie »! Of course he « knew » steel buildings collapse from fire! The reporter says « There as someone on the 77th floor; and when he got to the 2nd floor; the 2nd plane hit? » Someone went down 75 floors of stairs in 18 1/2 minutes? With the stairs being the only exit for allegedly 10,000 to 30,000 people?

Helicopter Camera Crame; see CNN Camera Crame (100% Green Screen). Removed from YouTube.

Alex Jones & Steven Jones + Cold Fusion Cover-Up:

Did Dr. Steven Jones Help Cover Up Cold Fusion, and now 9/11 Truth? – YouTube

Steven E. Jones, Controlled Opposition, Cold Fusion and 9/11 (The Idiot’s Guide) – YouTube

Alex Jones, Steven Greer Mindwar w/ 33 lies/hr ft Operation Trust (

Alex Jones w/ Jesse Ventura about Dr Judy Wood (Filed a Qui Tam lawsuit as to a conflict with NIST, who develops directed energy weapons) on her book « Where did the towers go », evidence of directed free energy used on 9/11

What did Alex Jones predict on July 25th 2001

Iridium Satellite and Tim Osman? Or Iridium Armor & Tin + Osmium used in Nikola Tesla’s « Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy » aka HAARP

There is a dispute over which is more dense, iridium or osmium, because of variations from sample to sample. Your table shows iridium being more dense by 0.177%.  material science – Is there a Tungsten alloy more dense than gold? – Physics Stack Exchange

Donald Trump & John G Trump:

What Donald Trump’s uncle John G Trump was the last person to have his hands on Nikola Tesla’s stolen inventions and used the weapons to destroy the World Trade Center Complex on September 11th 2001. Why didn’t Donald Trump or FBI Director Comey release an « Un-Redacted Tesla FBI File » if they could « Declassify anything he wanted »?. As soon as Trump was in office; who seized the U.S. Office of Scientific Research; where some of Nikola Tesla’s works were allegedly still archived? Or are the Tesla Files on Hillary Clinton’s Hard-Drive; as she tells Congress that she Re-Classified the Tesla FBI Files?

Questions that have never been answered about the events on September 11th 2001 « attack » against the World Trade Centers: Trump admits he « predicted Osama Bin Laden » in his book;  Trump admits in an interview on the Alex Jones Show; that the « expert  architect » for the World Trade Centers was « his architect »; that  architect witness allegedly died in the WTC on 9/11/2001; that architect  said the WTC was designed to take an number of plane impacts.

Donald Trump’s Architect built the WTC:

John G Trump’s « Trigger » ft Striking Voltage: disinformation about Dr Judy Wood:

FBI Admits pictures of alleged hijackers are fake; given as fake ID’s from U.S. consulates; and some are still alive  Passport with 9/11 suspect’s name found in Pakistan –  Many 9-11 « Hijackers » are Still Alive. (

Mohammad Atta’s passport survives unscathed; surviving the explosion and the disappearing towers. After 8:46 a.m. September 11, 2001: Hijacker’s Passport Allegedly Found near the World Trade Center  9/11 Timeline: FBI 9/11 Investigation (

Batman shooter studied and presented on Time Projection & Graphemes; which leads to the idea that what happened on-the-ground was different than what you saw on TV.  James Holmes was among elite in neuroscience before Aurora theater massacre – The Denver Post


What is the answer to the un-answered question in the 9/11/2001 NIST report which only investigated between the time the « Planes Hit » and « Initiation of Collapse »? What was the « Initiation of Collapse »?


Jet Fuel Doesn’t Melt Steel Beams? But what does?

How Did Jet Fuel Melt The Steel Beams In The Twin Towers? | Blowing-Up History – YouTube

  • Hydrazine (Napalm), Nikola Tesla’s Thermonuclear Fusion, Nikola Tesla’s Electric Arc Furnace, Flame with Air-Injection, Uranium mixed with Steel

Dr Judy Wood:

Where Did the Towers Go? | Evidence of Directed Free-Energy Technology on 9/11

John Hutchison:

9/11 Weather and Field Effects – Index (

John Leer:

John Leer, a 9/11 truth movement investigator; Son of the inventor of the Lear Jet, who sued the U.S. government for 9/11 that No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11 w/ particle accelerator, hologram, holographic projectors

Chief Justice:


Source : Solving 9-11 to Save-The-World ft Nikola Tesla by Chief Justice

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