UK Police Harass, Arrest Women For Drinking Coffee On A Bench At The Beach

Video out of the UK shows police question a couple for taking a walk by the beach with some coffee as the country’s third national lockdown went into effect.

The perplexed couple appeared confused by the group of Sussex police officers badgering her about why she was outside.

“I saw on a bench having a cup of coffee — that is not ‘anti-social,’” the woman said in response to the lecturing policewoman.

“You’re being anti-social now, aren’t you?” the policewoman asked.

“Well, yes because you’re provoking me! You are! You literally are!” the woman replied.

The woman filming the encounter walked just a few yards closer to the beach to observe a woman who appeared confused as to why several police officers were handcuffing her.

“I’ve done nothing wrong. Ow! I was sitting on a bench,” the woman said as the police began escorting her away. “I was sitting on a bench!”

The camera caught the first woman telling the police, “You’re going to arrest me for having a cup of coffee?”

“Choose your side!” the woman recording shouts to the police.

As we’ve reported, enforcing these arbitrary and scientifically illiterate lockdowns isn’t about public health, it’s about public control.

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Source : UK Police Harass, Arrest Women For Drinking Coffee On A Bench At The Beach

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