Viruses – Dr. Samantha & Dr. Mark Bailey, Dr. Tom Cowan & Dr. Andrew Kaufman Respond To Del Bigtree

[Sept 3, 2022]
Sam Bailey addresses in-fighting in the Truth and Freedom Health Community, highlighting Del Bigtree’s recent comments in a conversation with Derrick Broze. Bailey shares clips from Derrick Broze and Del Bigtree’s conversation, welcoming Andrew Kaufman M.D. and Dr. Tom Cowan to comment and contribute their unique point of view on this disagreement occurring in the online community. Mark Bailey offers insights and questions to encourage everyone to focus on what we can learn from this debate. In the hopes of continuing to work on understanding and processing reality, all participants in this episode agree that the major problem is tyranny, and taking the air out of the virus theory is a good way to pursue working towards freedom for all.

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